”The continuing drought has become worse than the Dust Bowl and will likely lead to a drought emergency in southern Nevada by the end of the year.”

• The Antarctic Icecap is the largest supply of fresh water, representing nearly 2% of the world’s total of fresh and salt water. The amount of water in our atmosphere is over 10 times as much as the water in all the rivers taken together. The fresh water actually available for human use in lakes and rivers and the accessible ground water amount to only about one-third of 1% of the world’s total water supply.
• Surface area (sq mi) Volume (cu mi) Percentage of total1Salt water The oceans 139,500,000 317,000,000 97.2% Inland seas and saline lakes 270,000 25,000 0.008 Fresh water Freshwater lakes 330,000 30,000 0.009 All rivers (average level) — 300 0.0001 Antarctic Icecap 6,000,000 6,300,000 1.9 Arctic Icecap and glaciers 900,000 680,000 0.21 Water in the atmosphere 197,000,000 3,100 0.001 Ground water within half
a mile from surface — 1,000,000 0.31 Deep-lying ground water — 1,000,000 0.31 Total (rounded) — 326,000,00
• Problems with The world Water supply.
• Global Warming
• Industrial agriculture eg Irrigation and the over use of pesticides.
• Pollutions by the chemical industries
• Bad Sanitation in most of the developing countries
• Privatization of National Water by some manufacturers.
• Wasteful living by some of the industrialized and developed nations
• Regional distribution and boundaries.