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Water Conservation

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A Global Environmental Crisis is approaching our generation.

Case study: Us, Nigeria. India.

The World Drinkable Water is running out.
A global environmental crisis is approaching our generation and we should begin work to prevent it. The world drinkable water is running out. There had been so many evidence of it with the draught and faming around the world. The draught crisis has killed millions in Northern Africa and there are fights for water in many nations of the world including India and the Middle East. My article deal with the state of our water situation in three major places and what contributed to them. I will then discuss what can be done to prevent further pollution and preserve our drinking water especially in the developing nations of the world .The attitude that as long as it’s not in my back yard must be discouraged. The toxic wastes that were dumped at the coast of African have been known to washed down to the California West coast of the United States. There had been acid rains falling several hundred mile away from where the pollution was created. While the Industrial nation uses many African countries as their dumping ground of their pollution they may think the have gotten ride of their waste but they are wrong because you can not destroy matter by just dumping them in the ground or in the rivers or oceans. It must be recycled an example of that was when one Italian company in collaboration with some Nigerian brought and dumped their chemical and toxic waste at Lagos Island shore in 2005. Atrocities like this are committed everyday unrecorded. The developing nations need help because most of them lack the infrastructure and the resources to maintain quality water control and preservation. As the developed nations continue to consume more that 99% of the planet resources, the developing nations suffers and will continue to suffer the consequence of the western life style. While the children of Africa are dying of hunger and starvation the children in America are dying of obesity. There are so much disparities in the world we are living in. where a persons in Israel is allocated 30 gallons of water a day, and a Palestinian person can only be allocate 2 gallons. Water will continue to become scarce in most nations if caution is not taking .The developed nation must help to put a global plan together to preserve the world water from continuous pollution and scarcity. There are drastic different climate conditions in the world. Consideration must be giving to the different nation’s climatic condition in the plans. The UN has been doing tremendous amount of work in many nations regarding water quality and preservations around the world especially in the developing nations but there are still much more work to be done.The strongest initiaitve started at the NU conference on the human environment held at Stockholm on June 1972 attended by a lot of representative from many nations in the world The big corporations and the industries should be willing to assist in implementing strategies that preserve and recycle our water since they are part of the problem which does not leave anyone out. At the moment care must be taking to prevent exhausting our natural resource especially potable drinking water.

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